Production of Noorumeni video programme is the main activity of Media Production Wing and being telecast through Doordarsan and Kairali News channel on every Sunday at 9.3oam and 3.30pm respectively. With over 605 episodes at its credit, FIB’s Noorumeni continues its success run.    Moreover Noorumeni is also being telecast through local channels throughout Kerala. While bringing to the public the success stories of farmers and their diverse farming activities, it also incentivizes them to take up agriculture as a viable career choice. In addition to this video production Media Production wing also produces short video and documentary etc.    
Noorumeni also deals with success stories from other allied sectors like Animal husbandary , Fisheries and Diary, By introducing scientific cultivation of different crops and by hosting expert discussion on problems faced by Kerala farmers , Noorumeni plays a vital role in Agricultuaral extension services. Noorumeni attracts unemployed educated youth by highlighting those Agriculture entrepreneurs who rake in high income through adoption of innovative technologies.
From 2010 FIB has started a youtube channel and has been uploading Noorumeni episodes regularly. At present this u tube channel has 36000 subscribers.