In order to empower the farmers on various agricultural Practices and Plant Protection, Agricultural Department of the then Travancore Cochin Statestarted the publication named Kerala Karshakan  in 1954 .Yearly subscription rate was the then 12 anas. It was published once in two months.
 Later, when the Kerala State was formed, the Department decided to improve the quality and circulation of Kerala Karshakan. In 1957, Kerala Karshakan became monthly.
 In 1969 Farm Information Bureau was constituted by merging Agricultural Information Service of the Agricultural Department and Information Unit of the Animal Husbandry Department. Kerala Karshakan journal became the prestigious mandate of Farm Information Bureau. In a very short period of time the magazine could reach every nook and corner of the State. The magazine, which started with 1500 subscribers, grew to 35000 subscribers in 1969. In 1970s the journal became bimonthly owing to the introduction of Green revolution in the agricultural sector.
Being a complete agricultural magazine, it plays a crucial role in the knowledge dissemination in agriculture and allied sectors. It is well equipped to cater to the needs of the farmers in agriculture, dairy, animal husbandry, poultry and fisheries sector.  We expect to  increase the circulation of Kerala Karshakan from the present 1 lakh subscription in such a way that it reach each and every farmer of the State.
 ‘Kerala karshakan’ is always with the farmer by guiding and sharing traditional knowledge,  agricultural folklores, lyrics, habits, harvest festivals, new schemes, agricultural practices,  better management practices, plant protection, soil and energy conservation, success stories and everything under Sun; which related to agriculture.
Editorial Board
Chief Editor                               -    Asa S Kumar, Principal Information Officer
Editor                                        -    Haripriyadevi V, Deputy Director of Agriculture
Assistant Editor (Editorial)        -    Vishnu S P., Agricultural Officer
Assistant Editor (Circulation)    -    Dr. Anju V S, Agricultural Officer

Editorial Assistant (e-Journal)  -   Anoop R J
Design & Layout                      -   Rajesh V